Blueprint Your Next Move

Charting a Course to Career Clarity 


Do you ever get the sense you’re meant for more, but don’t know what it is or how to get there? Blueprint Your Next Move is your pathway to clarity.

We all want a career with meaning and purpose—one that allows us to express ourselves, share our talents, and feel appreciated for who we are. But it can be hard to think big enough, or to be honest enough, about what you want. And, it can be scary when you can’t see the many potential paths ahead, or connect them with all that makes you unique.

Blueprint Your Next Move can help. It’s an eight-week guided Cohort program for radical reflection, self-discovery, and definition to bring the next chapter of your career into focus.

True alignment with your career starts here.

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What is Blueprint Your Next Move?


Welcome to a guided Cohort program to help you discover, define, and direct your next chapter, alongside others looking to answer these same questions for themselves. The program includes:

  • A robust collection of 20 sections with pre-recorded video lessons, resources, and exercises.
  • Vibrant downloadable exercises to help you move through the content.
  • 8 weekly Cohort Labs to connect and collaborate with a braintrust of peers. 
  • Weekly spot-coaching opportunities with me to address your personal needs.
  • A 1-page Personal Declaration showcasing your unique journey, offerings, and aspirations.

 With 90-minute group coaching every week.

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Meet Your Guide

I’m Debra Bednar-Clark. But please: call me DB.

 a senior exec with 25+ years of wide-ranging experience from Madison Avenue to Silicon Valley. At Meta, Microsoft, Accenture, and leading advertising agencies, I’ve covered strategy, technology, marketing, design, and social impact. Along the way, I became known for building exceptionally thriving businesses and high-performing teams alongside some of the greatest leaders of our time.  

My winding path has included many personal cross-roads—teaching me how to make pivots, take risks, and try new things confidently and authentically. That meant embracing what I love and finding opportunity in the contradictions: a business-minded academic; a cheerleader who’s also a coder; a technology leader who cares about style as much as substance.

Today, I coach people like you through turning points in their careers—giving them the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to plot bold moves and next chapters. My practice is defined by one core belief: life is more interesting and fulfilling when we give ourselves permission to align what we do with who we are.

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Is This Program Right for Me?

Blueprint Your Next Move is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Find more meaning and fulfillment in your work
  • Affirm what you’re about, and what you want
  • Brainstorm new paths forward
  • Grab sound-bites for interviews 
  • Discover how you position yourself in the job market
  • Prevent or come back from burnout
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Weekly Curriculum

Week 1


Learn what it takes to align your professional life and your authentic self so what you do next resonates with who you are at your core.

Week 2

Find Clarity in Your Past

Delve deep into your past and take inventory of the events, circumstances and people that have shaped your path and ideals.

Week 3

Find Clarity in Your Past - Cont'd

Discover the accomplishments you’re most proud of and the guiding beliefs you have about the world to serve as a springboard for your future adventures.

Week 4

Define What You Stand For

Take the things you think, dream of, and do, and put them in bold terms. You’ll look outside yourself to learn more about what’s within.

Week 1

Define What You Stand For - Cont'd

It’s time to describe what’s timeless and core to you in four parts — your essence, mantra, mission, and vision.

Week 2

Envision What You Want

Define what you want (and don’t want) from your next move—to spark ideas for new and unexpected paths you can take forward.

Week 3

Distill What You Offer

You’ll create your all-important value proposition so you can confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” or “What do you want to do?”.

Week 4

Bring it All Together

It’s time to take inventory, connect the dots and bring everything you’ve discovered and defined for yourself together to create your very own Personal Declaration.

What to Expect


Every Monday, you’ll receive an email with the overview of your weekly lesson for self-guided reflection. Every Thursday, we’ll join forces for our live Cohort Lab to provide collaboration, accountability and comprehensive feedback. Every Friday, you’ll receive an email to help you stay on course (Plus a little motivation!).

With 90-minute group coaching every week

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My Program Tips:


Establish a Weekly Routine

Set your personal schedule to complete the weekly exercises in the way that works best for you. (Are you a night owl? A weekend worker? An all-in-one or a little every day?)


Grab a Journal

Each week, you’ll follow prompts to reflect on key aspects of your life. Whether you prefer a laptop or pen and paper, you’ll need a space to capture and refine your thoughts.


Attend Weekly Cohort Labs

Every Thursday at 5pm EST, join your group on a 90-minute virtual live working session via Zoom to review your work in progress and workshop any roadblocks from the week’s exercises. There will also be “hot seat” opportunities where I’ll provide 1:1 spot coaching.

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