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Are you at a career crossroads, feeling confused about your next move? And even confused about why you’re confused? I’ve been there, and I know how to help.

Your breakthrough is closer than you think!

Embark on a transformative journey where I'll guide you in creating career clarity, identifying areas for personal growth, and building unshakable confidence. This isn't just a course – it's a guided experience for radical reflection, self-discovery, and defining the next chapter of your career – and your life – into focus.

Whether you're considering a career pivot or aiming to grow in your current role, this program will guide you toward greater personal and professional alignment. This course is tailor-made for those who don’t know where to start, but are ready to take the first step. 

Gain the support of someone who’s been where you’ve been and a community who understands how you’re feeling – get ready to shape the next chapter of your life.

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It's time to transform your uncertainty into unshakable clarity.

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Uncover the Power of My Blueprint Method


We've all stood at the crossroads of our careers, grappling with the age-old question: 'What's next?' And yet — the path forward often seems elusive, leaving us without a clear approach or the right questions to even ask. That's why I created the Blueprint Method — a proven framework for career development that transforms your life.

What makes it so transformative?

By integrating your personal and professional selves, this framework empowers you to create a holistic vision for success. It’s not about fitting into a mold — it's about breaking free from it.

Throughout the experience of the Blueprint Method, you'll engage in 20 thought-provoking lessons designed to reveal what truly matters to you. It's like looking into a mirror that reflects your past, your present, and your future aspirations. This course is more than finding direction – it's about creating a future that resonates with your true self.


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Course Highlights

Dynamic Learning Experience


 You'll have access to 20 lessons packed with expertly crafted video content, valuable resources, templates, and interactive exercises designed to elevate your journey and fuel your success.

Companion Workbook



Thought-provoking questions, journaling prompts, and creative spaces come together in a comprehensive Workbook.  It's designed to deepen your personal connection with the material, but it isn't just a resource — it's your canvas to write, doodle, dream, and synthesize your greatest vision for the future.

Monthly Office Hours



Explore the depths of your course experience with optional monthly live coaching sessions. I make myself available once a month for live coaching, whether you need a thought partner, inspiration, or an accountability buddy. Connect with me and your fellow students in these dedicated sessions to enhance your learning journey

Private Community Access


Gain access to the invite-only Blueprint community, a supportive haven for connections and collaboration. Engage with fellow students and course graduates who offer inspiration and diverse perspectives at every stage.

At the end, you'll have a tangible and powerful deliverable—a Personal Declaration meticulously crafted to encapsulate your unique history, the things that make you you, and a vision for your future onto a single, powerful page.

The Blueprint Method is a proven career development model that will help you get the most from your current role - and set the vision for what's to come.

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Meet Your Guide

I’m Debra Bednar-Clark. But please: call me DB.

It's my mission to help you reveal what's already inside. I’ve had a dynamic career, with decades of experience working with the leaders of Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley, serving as a trusted advisor to the world’s most influential leaders in technology and business.

Today, I’m bridging my professional success as an executive in some of the most innovative companies with my personal passion for leading engaged and high-performing teams — because I know that the two are deeply connected.  

It's no secret that engaged employees are behind every successful business. In fact, companies with engaged employees are 21% more profitable. And yet, for too long, we've created a disconnect between who we are as employees and who we are as humans. This is leading to a pandemic of an unhappy, unproductive workforce who are in it for the paycheck, clocking in and clocking out.

I created the Blueprint Method to unify personal and professional aspirations because I know that this unique approach works — for high achieving but frustrated individuals, and for the companies who employ them.

Put simply, when you gain clarity on who you are and what's important to you, you'll create more impact in your work — and in your life.

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Is This Program Right for Me?

When you think about your job or your vision for your career,can you relate?

  • I'm capable of more but uncertain about my direction
  • I'm overwhelmed by the options or underwhelmed by the opportunities
  • I'm unsure, lost, or in a fog
  • I feel like I fell into my career
  • My career doesn't feel particularly intentional
  • I don't know what to do next

Blueprint Your Next Move is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Find more meaning and fulfillment in your work
  • Affirm who you are and what what you want
  • Brainstorm new paths forward
  • Prepare effectively for interviews
  • Discover how to position yourself in the job market
  • Prevent or come back from burnout
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What You'll Learn - The Blueprint Your Next Move Curriculum

Week 1


Discover how to align your professional life and your authentic self so what you do next resonates with who you are at your core.

Week 2

Find Clarity in Your Past

Delve deep into your past and take inventory of the events, circumstances and people that have shaped your path and ideals.

Week 3

Find Clarity in Your Past - Cont'd

Discover the accomplishments you’re most proud of and the guiding beliefs you have about the world to serve as a springboard for your future adventures.

Week 4

Define What You Stand For

Take the things you think, dream of, and do, and put them in bold terms. You’ll look outside yourself to learn more about what’s within.

Week 1

Define What You Stand For - Cont'd

It’s time to describe what’s timeless and core to you in four parts — your essence, mantras, mission, and vision.

Week 2

Envision What You Want

Define what you want (and don’t want) from your next move—to spark ideas for new and unexpected paths you can take forward.

Week 3

Distill What You Offer

You’ll create your all-important value proposition so you can confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” or “What do you want to do?”.

Week 4

Bring it All Together

It’s time to take inventory, connect the dots and bring everything you’ve discovered and defined for yourself together to create your very own Personal Declaration.

What to Expect


After enrolling in the program, you'll gain immediate access to the curriculum and can begin at your convenience. Throughout your self-paced journey, you'll receive weekly motivational emails and curriculum materials to guide your progress. Whether you prefer dedicating an hour per week for eight weeks or completing eight hours over a weekend, the choice is yours. Stay on track and become a Blueprint Graduate on your own schedule.

 I'm dedicated to supporting your individual learning journey. Join me for virtual open office hours every second Wednesday of the month at noon EST. It's your chance to bring any questions you have and receive guidance to stay on the right path throughout your personal Blueprint experience. Gain inspiration and personalized support during our sessions.

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My Program Tips:


Establish a Routine

Organize your personal schedule to complete the exercises in the way that works best for you. (Are you a night owl? A weekend worker? An all-in-one or a little every day?)


Grab a Journal

Throughout this course, you’ll engage with prompts to reflect on key aspects of your life. Whether you prefer a laptop or putting pen to paper, having a dedicated space to capture your thoughts is key. As a student, you'll receive a downloadable version of my Blueprint Workbook. I highly recommend printing it out for an immersive journaling experience. If you'd like to reflect even deeper, feel free to journal alongside.


Engage in the Private Community

You’ll receive a personal invitation to join the private Blueprint Your Next Move LinkedIn Group. This private space is dedicated to discussing coursework, seeking assistance, sharing insights, and offering encouragement. It's a place to stay on track, connect with fellow students and past students/course graduates (a.k.a. Blueprint Ambassadors).

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